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Conventional Medicine’s Perspective on High Cholesterol And How It Affects Your Heart Health

Cholesterol is an important risk factor for heart disease, as it plays a key role in atherosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries from build up fatty plaque. Your liver produces cholesterol for your body, but when you eat too much cholesterol and saturated fats in your food, then trouble begins. Your body can’t effectively remove it and it builds up in your arteries, becoming a main component of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries.

Nearly 50% of adults have high cholesterol! A first line approach used by some doctors is lifestyle modification. This includes a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fats, weight reduction and an exercise program. Many people find it hard to maintain this regimen, because they feel that the regimen is difficult, restrictive or dull.

Drugs are commonly recommended for controlling cholesterol. But these cause adverse side effects such as liver damage, muscle damage with pain and weakness, and disturbed digestion. Unfortunately drugs do not cure high cholesterol. When you stop taking the drug, the cholesterol returns. It’s a life-long sentence of drugs.

Research shows that only 30% of the people who take drugs will be able to avoid a fatal heart attack. The majority of people are untouched by these medicines.

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For Effective Dietary Treatment

The Maharishi Ayur Vedic Health Guidelines
To Lower Cholesterol

When your body loses the connection with it’s own intelligence, the unified field of nature, our body’s systems and organs are thrown out of balance and break down, illness such as High Cholesterol arises, heart health suffers, and heart attacks may result.

In Ayurveda, there are three main basic principles, which govern all the body’s activities. Vata is the principle of movement, Pitta is the principle of transformation or heat, and Kapha is the principle of structure.

From the viewpoint of the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health, high cholesterol is mainly due to an excess of Kapha. However, in some people, Vata or Pitta may also be out of balance. Those people would follow the Vata or Pitta pacifying diets first, and then a Kapha reducing diet.

Some of the more important dietary recommendations for lowering cholesterol include:

  • Eating your meals at the same time every day
  • Having your largest meal at lunchtime when your digestion is strong.
  • To avoid indigestion at night, eat lightly in the evenings.

Total Heart Health has many dietary suggestions to help lower cholesterol. These include directions for preparing specific foods, such as Digestive Lassi, Cholesterol-Lowering Spice Mixture, Spiced Apples, and specific combinations of herbs such as Cholesterol Protection tablets.*

The Total Heart Health programs taken together are enjoyable, natural, and effective. People don’t have to strain or feel restricted to achieve health. When you correct the imbalances at a subtle level of the body’s functioning, health naturally improves without great effort.

*Be sure to consult with your physician regarding integrating these suggestions with your conventional treatment plan.

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